I Don’t Care What You Had For Breakfast


Bacon and Eggs

I am quite selective with what I share on the internet. I am a private person and that influences my thoughts, feelings and policies on how I conduct myself on any type of social network.  What you post on the internet is out there forever and you won’t catch me posting anything inappropriate. That kind of stuff has a way of biting you in the ass. And multiple posts annoy me to no end. I don’t need to know what you had for breakfast, and lunch and dinner.

The social networks I use are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest.  Facebook and Linkedin are used for very different reasons and never shall the two meet. Facebook is purely a social tool for me, it gives me a chance to catch up with old friends I may not have time to talk to on a regular basis, and  Linkedin is for professional purposes only.  Twitter falls somewhere in the middle I never post anything too personal on Twitter because to do follow people in the graphic design industry and some of those people follow me. I generally follow people with similar interests.

Just because Someone follows or tries to connect me I don’t always reciprocate, I make a point only follow, connect, or befriend someone who I have some sort of connection with in the first place. I don’t typically introduce myself when friending new people because only accept friend request from people I already know.

I have boundaries, and when it comes to the internet, I’d like to keep my private life private. Check out these links, it will help you set your own boundaries when it comes to social networking.



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