The Colour Orange

We are Soup portfolio website
We are Soup portfolio website
We are Soup

We are Soup portfolio website

We Are Soup Review

First and foremost this is an eye catching site. The fact that it is very clean appeals to me. I like the bright bold colours and simplistic graphics, and the fact that it doesn’t have a ton of unnecessary “things” competing for my attention. I am also on an orange kick , so I’m sure that has contributed to my affinity for the site. I appreciate the fact that the navigation for the site is fixed so I have no problem finding the different sections. There are interesting little details that adds to the overall user experience. The personalized icons are a nice touch. Although I like this site a lot, I wish I could see images of their work without having to hover over top of it. It takes to much work to see their portfolio, and as a portfolio site, its that the goal?

Big Noise

Big Noise portfolio website

Big Noise Review

Another orange site, big surprise. I like the look and feel of this site, the quirky graphics really gives this site a cool vibe. I appreciate that there is evidence of a grid on this, even though this site has more going on, it still feels like there is order. Again I like the attention to detail. The fact that links on the navigation bar change colour depending on what page you are on is a plus, and the main graphic surrounding the logo changes as you navigate though the different pages is a nice touch. I like that their work is featured on the home page and when going to the “work” page, their portfolio is organized in a neat and effective way. They could have used more contrast in their main type and I wish their footer stood out a bit more, but all in all I like it.

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